In Loving Memory

After a sudden illness Shadow passed away on September 7th, 2007.


January 2, 1996 - September 7, 2007

Shadow's Page

My name is Shadow and here's my homepage. I live with my Mom, Dad, and Sadie. I love Sadie very much, her fur is very soft and she is a lot of fun to play with and hardly ever growls at me. I've heard my Mom say that my Mom was an Australian Shepherd and my Dad was a Chow-Chow and that is where I get my purple tongue. But that is silly because I've seen Dad's tongue and it's not purple.

Here is my day. When it starts to get light outside is the time I get up and if I jump around on the bed Mom will get up too. Sadie helps me with this. Dad will sometimes get up too also. Then Mom takes us outside which is good because I usually have to pee. For some reason she hardly ever keeps us outside. Then it is food time!!!!!! I get food in my bowl and if I am quick I can get food in Sadie's bowl too. Then Mom goes away so I go to the bed and sleep with Dad for a while and then he goes away and then Sadie and I are alone. I do not like this. Mostly though Dad stays home and stares at the computer. That is boring so I have to remind him that we should go outside. I can speak really well. I do not bark like Sadie because I think that whining is better.

sadie and shadow
With my pal (and housemate) Sadie

Then later Mom comes home and we four go to the park. I have to pull really really hard because they are very slow. I do not understand why they waste so much time going to the big grassy place. If we ran we would get there so much sooner. Sadie agrees with me. Then when we get to the park I run and run in circles. It bothers me when Mom and Dad and Sadie are not all together, except when Mom or Dad throw the ball and then Sadie and I chase it. Sadie used to be faster but now I am faster and I almost always get the ball first, and then Sadie has to chase me all over anywhere I want, then when I am bored I drop the ball and she takes it back to M & D and they throw it again.

Chester the Dog
That's my old friend Chester

I have many friends. We used to see Chester when we went on the really long car ride. Chester was Tibetan and he thought that made him special. Who wants to guard a temple anyway? But when he wanted to he could play really well. He didn't pin me to the floor the way Sadie does and I liked that.

Now we see Kobe when we go on the long car ride. He is very tall. He likes to watch squirrels. They need watching because they are shifty eyed.

Kobe the Dog
That's my friend Kobe

Grendel is an Australian Shepherd like my mom says I am, but she doesn't look like me. Grendel can play really well. Grendel is a champion agility dog. That means that she takes playtime very seriously. I like her a lot, Sadie thinks that she is stuck up and needs to be taken down a notch, but I don't see that at all. Grendel's brother's name is Ajax and he barks and barks and barks.

A Scary Cat named Mooch is living with Kobe now! Kobe calls her Moochzilla, and she is very mean and scary. I thought it would be wonderful to finally meet a cat, but it wasn't.

Not at all!

I think she might try to eat me.


This is my hobby:

I bark out the windows of our house. Anytime I see a dog trying to horn in on our street or the alley that runs along our house I bark and bark and growl out the windows. And they always go away. Running up and down the hallway making chimp noises seems to help too.

I hate that black poodle. He bullied me at the park when I was a puppy. So I bark really fiercely when I see him on the street. He is stinky and stupid. Mom doesn't seem to approve of my anger. Someday though....

Here are some things I like:

  • Food
  • Sadie
  • Mr. Chew Me
  • Kleenex
  • Getting my teeth brushed

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Consider yourself cyberlicked by my mostly black, spotty tongue.

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