The Mighty Sinbad!

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I am Sinbad, and this is my story

Many years ago my sister Sheba and I were adopted by a kind person who took good care of us and we were very happy. Then our person went away to a nursing home. After a long time of living in a backyard we were taken to San Francisco Animal Care and Control. I was glad to be with my sister, it would have been too horrible to be alone.

One day, a woman from Rocket Dog Rescue found us and took us away from that place. It took over six hours to cut the mats from our fur and clean us up. When all the excess fur was removed they found that my sister, Sheba, had tumors all over her body.

Sheba and Sinbad
Sheba (l) & Sinbad (r)

We stayed at Rocket Dog until Sheba died and I wondered what would become of me. At 12 years of age I thought my life was over and I was very depressed.

Then, one day, two people came to see me. They had seen our photo on the Rocket Dog website and at first they wanted us both, but even with Sheba gone they still wanted me!

They took me home with them and I spent the first few weeks sleeping, but slowly I started to believe that I had a new chance at life.

I am now a dog of leisure. My job is to sleep in the hallway and doorways to watch who comes and goes. I am also in charge of hanging out in the kitchen and inspecting the treat situation.

I am very musical and when it is meal time I sing and sing until my bowl is presented to me.

In the year I have been here it has been getting harder for me to go up and down the front stairs & walk, even when Mom helps. Luckily I have discovered that I can pee in the front room or on my sister Tula's bed.

All in all, life is pretty good.

All good things come to an end. Sinbad's health steadily failed and on Saturday, January 16th, 2010, he passed away.



Sinbad walking


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