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Our beloved Tula passed away November 12, 2012

Here is her story


Tula spent many years locked in a small kennel along with two other dogs on a dusty farm in the San Joaquin Valley. The elderly person who cared for her wasn't up to the task and Tula, along with several other kenneled dogs, languished for years.

She was fed and watered, but beyond that, she simply existed.
Tula asleep

In April 2008 the wonderful people of Rocket Dog Rescue went to the farm and moved the dogs to a new, and better, life!

Tula was initially fostered by the warm and wonderful Gina. Under Gina's care, Tula learned about cuddles, and petting, and the possibility of kindness. Then, on Sunday the 11th of May, Tula was taken to a sidewalk adoption fair on 24th Street in San Francisco.

It was at that adoption fair, on a noisy sidewalk, that she captured our hearts. We took her home to 'foster' for a few weeks and to see how she would fit into our lives. Happily, she fit in just fine.

For the first week, Tula mostly slept. She still sleeps the majority of the time, but as she settles in she is staying awake more and more during the day.

Tula is still very reserved and shy, and many things about living in a house flumox her, but she has a sweet smile and is wagging her tail more and more and more!

Some things that Tula is learning:

How to go up and down stairs

Where to potty

How to go for a walk without trembling

To walk from room to room (she isn't used to being able to move around, so she will stay where you put her and not move)

To stay awake, because a lot of good things are happening now!

Some things that we are learning:

How to communicate with a deaf dog

Sinbad is learning to share HIS house, HIS pack, and HIS food


It is still too early to know what Tula's personality will become. Our last rescue dog, Sinbad, took months to settle in. He went from a quiet dog who slept most of the time into a loud, bossy, happy fellow who likes to be a part of the action. So we are excited and looking forward to watching Tula blossom and grow during the coming months.
Here is a short movie of Tula going down our front stairs. She is very brave!
Here is Tula coming up the stairs. She is much better at going up the stairs. She reminds me of a salmon going upstream.



Tula was named in honor of Tulare County, where she came from, and the Tule marshes that used to cover the valley floor.


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